As an dedicated and driven teacher, trainer, consultant and entrepreneur, most of the outcomes related to my tasks are implemented in peoples’ thoughts and/or in organizations’ structures. A few of them are visible in working papers, presentations and platforms such as It was the basic idea to make knowledge available and easy to find as people organize and look for information differently, and therefore it was even more important to implement a clear structure.
I also considered how to motivate people to share precious knowledge and created a peer to peer knowledge exchange platform. To date the platform has been successfully running for more than 15 years and it’s content is of superior quality.
A list of additional written and published work can be found below.


  • Luckmann, M. (2015) Managing IT-Projects and Change (Apprentice’s Indentures of the Course at IUBH, in German)
  • Luckmann, M. (2014/2015) An Agile Management Model (White Paper)
  • Luckmann, M./Prange, C. (2014/2015) Realizing the Promise of Agile Universities – A Roadmap to Transformation (IBM Proposal)
  • Luckmann, M./von Guretzky, B. (2013) Compliance in IT-Outsourcing (White Paper, in German)
  • Güldenberg, A./Luckmann, M. (2013) GoContract – Software for Managing and Operating Big Contracts and Changes (Software)
  • Bagusat, Dr. O./Luckmann, M. (2006) Volkswagen Job Family Development Program for Marketing, Sales and Financial Services (Presentation, in German)
  • Luckmann, M./e.a. (2002) How Successful are Software Projects? (Study and White Paper, in German)
  • Luckmann, M./e.a. (2002) Strategic Requirements and Acceptance Management, Project Controlling And Risk Prognosis (White Paper, in German)
  • Luckmann, M./e.a. (2002) Project Types and Customer Satisfaction – Results of Interviews with German Managers (White Paper, in German)
  • Doberstein, S./Luckmann, M. et al. (Ed) (2000) (Knowledge Management Portal)
  • Luckmann, M./Wildfoerster, H. (1995) Analysis of Potentials and Deficits of the Oder- Spree-Energieversorgung’s Staff (Proposal, in German)
  • Luckmann, M./Perbandt-Brun, H. (1986) Aging as development. Self Awareness as an Object for Geragogic Action (Thesis, in German)
  • Luckmann, M. (ed) (1985) Church in Major Cities – Church in Berlin – A Congress’ Documentation (in German)
  • Luckmann, M. (Ed) (1982) Free Youth Work and Adult Education in Berlin (in German)