I already started teaching and training when I was involved in a youth group in Hannover, Germany where the topic was leadership for the group’s leaders. While attending university, I taught and designed programs for Siemens and Bosch-Siemens on a part-time basis. This interest in teaching has continued ever since and I’ve designed and implemented numerous courses for both national and international clients.

In terms of methods, I prefer pedagogical approaches that move students out of their comfort zone and encourage them to think and act on their own; students should train and challenge their own capabilities, verify their presumptions, and reflect on their own experiences.

More precisely, I utilize case studies, theoretical model building, practical deployment with different views and behaviors, interviews and media analysis, and meta description in my educational tool kit. Furthermore, I offer individual and team coaching for projects and new ventures as an additional support for students.

Currently, I also convert agile IT development procedures into teaching and training procedures, based on the idea of an agile model for agile universities. When it comes entrepreneurship, I prefer to co-operate hands on with respective or future entrepreneurs.

Permanent development at every age is my mission for learning content and methods.


Since 2016  |  Accreditation of Business Schools and Study Programs
  • Steinbeis-Transfer-Institut Online Law School Berlin, Wismar, Germany
Since 2015  |  Accreditation of Business Schools and Study Programs
  • Nordakademie, Elmshorn und Hamburg, Germany
  • Azerbaijan State Oil and Industry University, Baku, Azerbaijan
  • Hochschule für Technik, Stuttgart, Germany
  • Campus 02 Fachhochschule der Wirtschaft, Graz, Austria
  • Europäische Fachhochschule Brühl, Germany
Since 2015  |  Accreditation of Business Schools and Study Programs
  • Central Kazakhstan Academy, Qaraghandy, Kazakhstan
  • Hochschule Rosenheim, University of Applied Sciences, Rosenheim, Germany

2015  |  Author of apprentice’s indentures of the course „Managing IT Projects and Change“
2009 – 2010  |  Relaunching of Study Programs: Economics and Business Administration and (Software) Engineering
  • Proposing of New Strategy and Structure
  • Evaluating of New Curricula
  • Review of Content and Monitoring of Content Relaunch
  • Training of Staff
2009 – 2010  |  Monitoring of the University’s First Distance Study
  • Designing and Implementing Science Marketing (Head of Program)
  • Development of a Blended Learning Toolbox
  • Didactic Review of Content and Monitoring of Content Relaunch
  • Training of Staff
2009 – 2010  |  Job Family Development Program „Customer Adventure“ with the Company’s Departments Marketing, Sales and Financial Services as a Corporate Blended Learning Study for International Management Trainees
  • Project Management
  • Conceptual Design and Didactic Review of Content
  • Acquisition of Internal and External University Professors
  • PR and Program Sales inside Volkswagen Concern
  • Implementation of Pilot Program
  • Evaluation and Relaunch and Implementation of Second and Third Program Run


2014 – 2015  |  Focus: Collaboration Training for Marketing Staff

After the Fusion of the two Newspaper Publishers, the both Marketing Departments had to consolidate their work and to start collaboration. In individual interviews and common workshops I evaluated the activities of the staff. In the corporate training we developed methods of collaboration and evaluated an IT tool to support the collaboration. The additional object was to integrate the two departments at two locations into one and to develop new ways of digital Marketing.

2010 – 2011  |  Focus: IT Governance Training for Internal Staff

Projekt Management Office for IT outsourcing at Carl Zeiss Foundation. Siemens and later on Atos took over the whole IT from Carl Zeiss and became it’s provider. During the two years transformation phase there was a big fluctuation at the Siemens’ staff. To quickly integrate new staff members, it was necessary to teach them immediately after check-in the structure and content of the basic contract and IT governance. This lecture were executed by the Demand and by the Contract Manager. I acted as a moderator of the whole lecture done via by virtual classroom. Lectures were also recorded and made available on the internal collaboration platform.

2006 – 2007  |  Focus: Science Marketing Training for Internal Staff

Monitoring and evaluation of the university’s first distance study: Science Marketing. Development of a blended learning toolbox, didactic review of the content and training of the staff.
The Technical University Berlin had not previously offered any study with virtual components or distance courses. The first pilot was the course „Science Marketing“. Based on the existing face-to-face course, it was the challenge to evaluate and relaunch the complete design to fit into virtual didactics. Moodle was the available platform. We implemented a suitable tool set and taught and coached the professors to use it.

2004 – 2007  |  Focus: „Customer Adventure“ for International Management Trainees

Job Family Development Program „Customer Adventure“ with the company’s departments Marketing, Sales and Financial Services as a corporate blended learning study for international management trainees. Conceptual design, acquisition of internal and external university professors, implementation of pilot program, evaluation and relaunch.
This Job Family Development Program was the first degree course of the Volkswagen School of Business Administration. Because the students were located all over the world, the program had to be based on a blended learning platform. The demand for the study’s program was huge, so that we started the second and third course almost immediately. As a result, more than 70% of the participants advanced in their positions in the following year.

1996 – 2005  |  Focus: IT Marketing Training for Customers

Business analysis, process reengineering, requirements engineering, knowledge management, project management.
The core competence of m2-consulting was requirements engineering, demand management and marketing for big IT projects. Therefore, we developed a model to better understand, handle, and change all upcoming demands. We taught our customers in applying this model and it’s underlying methods. Doing so, we also used our own knowledge platform This platform works very successfully to date.

1988 – 2001  |  Focus: Leadership & Marketing Training for Executives

Leadership (management by objectives, basics of organizational development and group dynamics), Marketing especially for social services, customer oriented KPI’s and controlling strategies for executives.
In several companies and organizations leading and managing happens hands-on. The objective was to find suitable theoretical models, adapt them to practical requirements, and teach the participants in applying them. I adapted this model kit, trained it with the students and coached them to successfully implement it in their organizations.

1986 – 1995  |  Focus: Behavioral & Leadership Training for Service Staff

Behavioral training of complete service staff and executives in Germany, the Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland and the UK. Accompanying leadership training. Implementation of quality circles and efficiency program for the service department. Evaluation and relaunch of the complete training program.
It was the core objective to improve the complete service department in better communication during the whole service interaction. If appliances do not work properly, the entire household may get into trouble. Based on Transaction Analysis, I developed a training program for repairing the customers while fixing the machines. The training was so successful that it was rolled out Europe wide.

1988  |  Focus: Leadership & Assessments for HR Staff

The whole company was reorganized after acquisition. All staff members had to reassess for their jobs. Primarily, we developed a new assessment procedure for the whole staff and adjusted it with management and work council (Betriebsrat). Than we tested it and taught the HR staff in using and evaluating.